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The School of Law, together with the Schools of Theology, Medicine and Philosophy, have formed the nucleus of the University of Athens, which was founded in 1837 under the reign of King Otto and has since nurtured generations of significant scientists and important political personalities of the country. Today the Faculty of Law belongs to the School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences (in its current form since 1982) and it continues to offer an invaluable educational experience.

The School of Law offers courses of general legal education and specialization courses at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. The educational process on an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary level is not confined within the University of Athens, but is realized in cooperation with famous higher education institutions in Greece and abroad. Graduates of our department excel in all fields of science and research; engage in significant professional activity in both Greece and the international scientific world; contribute to the political life and have played a significant role in the construction of the modern Greek state.

The Curriculum reflects the core of the University Governance on a Department Level and it mirrors the content and the level of higher education provided to the students by the School.